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Watching your ex-girlfriend jump into another relationship soon after dumping you can be one of the worse feelings ever. You’ll wonder if she was cheating on you while you were still together, but most of all you’ll begin to wonder how she could’ve gotten over you so quickly.

The answer is simple: she didn’t get over you. By leaping straight into the arms of a rebound boyfriend, your exgirlfriend bypassed the stages where she would’ve normally put your relationship to bed. Instead of mourning your romance, she buried her feelings by starting a new relationship. But the good news is that those feelings are still down there… buried beneath the distraction of her current fling. But once the warm fuzzy glow of her rebound relationship wears off? Those feelings will come back to the surface.

When that happens, you’ll need to be ready. You’ll have to exploit those feelings, and shine them up a bit. One of the biggest advantages you have with your ex is a long history together. By collecting all those good times the two of you had in the past, you can lay them out and create a road that will lead you back together again. Winning back your girlfriend from another man is all about beating him at the one thing he can’t beat you at: great memories.

Unfortunately, once your ex begins dating this new guy there’s not much you can do. The honeymoon stages of their relationship will always be rosy, and you’ll need to weather that storm if you want your ex back. Try to keep occupied with…

Source by Anthony Malibu