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The author John Steinbeck once said that as soon as you say you’re going to do something, a whole mechanism goes to work to stop you. I often call this inner mechanism a love block that stops singles from finding love and stops couples from creating a lasting love.

Find out if you’re suffering from a love block when you take this love test. Then learn how to break through your blocks to love.

Love Test:

Are you ever afraid you’ll feel lonely and unloved for the rest of your life?

If you’re in a lifeless relationship, have you dreamed of reviving romance but given up before you tried?

If you’re single and want to meet a wonderful lover, do you ever feel a disheartening doubt this will happen?

Have you ever suffered from a bad break up and vowed that you won’t go through that pain again?

Do you ever feel like you’re wearing armor around your heart?

How did you score?

If you answered YES to any question, you already may sense that you have built an inner wall to ward off fear, anxiety and heartbreak. Attitudes of pessimism and defeat are love blocks. So are doubts that you deserve a fabulous love life, doubts about a fabulous future, doubts that you could spark a lasting fire of love with your partner.

Does this mean you’re too guarded to love?

Only in this moment, because this is about to change. You are about to learn how to break through the armor around your heart.


Imagine a melting surrender to love in all its sensory splendor.

Trust that hearts are meant to be broken, and…

Source by Hadley Finch